Aleh Dashkevich -

Aleh Dashkevich – the graduate from the Belarusian National Sport Academy. He used to work for the sports programme office as an instructor-counselor, in the independent television company 'MM-4'; as a journalist and chief editor. Since 1995 he has been working for ‘Internews Network’ in the programme ‘ Local time’, and in 1997 he made a series of video-essays’ The Anatomy of Passion’. He was the winner of the competition of Soros Foundation in Belarus for ‘ The best television report’. In 1998 he participated in the project’ A Democratic Express’ under the auspices of ‘Internews Network’, BBC and the studio of the documental cinema  of Yuris Podnieks (Latvia) -  concerning the  problems of the post-communist societies in the countries of Eastern Europe. Since 1999  he is the independent producer and director. The film ‘Journalists’ (2008), during the International Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA in 2008),  entered the first ten places of the films, which according to Amnesty International are socially meaningful. In 2010 he was the co-founder of the BelFilm Association in Vilnus, and was chosen the chairperson.


The Knights of Dreams’ („Рыцары мары”, 1999), ‘Simple stories’ („Простыя гісторыі”, 2002), ‘Monologues’ („Маналогі”, 2005), ‘The Day of Freedom’ („Дзень Волі”, 2008, as a co-author) ’Journalists’ („Журналісты”, 2008), “Varhany” (2009).