Aleh Novikau - ‘The manure for the skiier’ - planned consultation – Jan Zamojski

The film is dedicated to the situation that is now present in the Belarusian politics, that is the opposition street actions, which in their form are close to such artistic practice as ‘flash mob’, happening, performance, installation. Everything is accompanied by the satirical subtext.

Aleh Novikau – director, scriptwriter and editor. Graduated from the Belarusian Historical University, department: History. Grant holder of the  Institute of the Professional Education for Journalists FOJO and the Journalist College of the Free university in Berlin-apprenticeship in the ‘Tageszeitung’  daily newspaper. The scriptwriter of the satirical program ‘ Expert’ (Biełsat)  and the manager of the department ‘New time’(Новы час).  magazine The Man of the week in’ The daily magazine’ ‘Dziennik’ (Ежедневник) and the winner of the journalist prize ‘ Eastern Europe’ (Dortmund University, Germany). The scriptwriter of films:’ The case with a boy’ (Случай с пацаном, 2001)  and the cartoon ‘ House 375’ (2006). The publications : ‘ With the left eye’(2008)and the comic ‘The Secret  of the Kalinowski Square’(2011).