Igar Klimkovich-Sivitski - 'On the other side of the window, with a cat’ - consultation Jan Zamojski

This film is about the domineering mother and humble daughter. They both are old women now, emigrants from one of the countries from the former Soviet Union. Their attitude towards life is totally different. They constantly argue on different matters(social, political, personal).

Igar Klimkovich–Sivitski – He graduated from the Military Radio-technical  School in Kaliningrad. Right now he is studying at the Belarusian Academy of Fine Arts, specializes in directing. Since 1999 he has been working as a television studio engineer in Brest Television, and since 2004 as an assistant director. Next he started to work on his own on the documental- historic projects. He was working as a director in live programmes. For some time he was making television films and commercials, and also the theatre spectacles. For the last three years he has been cooperating with the Centre ‘Videofilm; and ‘The General Producers Centre’ as a director for the cycle of documentaries and films about history. He is the author of ’The Legend of the Great Dutchy’(2005), ‘ The mysteries of Brest vaults’ (2005), ‘ Passion and power’(2006-2007), ‘The border’(2008 - 2009) and the ‘ Hot points’ (2010-2011).