Uladzimir Kolas - 'Who needs that?' - project without consultation

Uładzimir Mackiewicz graduated from the Talin Maritime School, with the specialty of a radiotelegraph operator. For a long time he was swimming all around the world, but suddenly he came back to the family village and set up a farm. The village is dying. Uładzimir does not give up. He fights with the local corrupted authorities, he speaks Belarusian, and on holidays he hangs on his house a white-red-white flag…

Uładzimir Kolas – director of documentaries and feature films, a worker for voluntary cases and the headmaster of Belarusian High-school of Humanities, since 2003  he is the chairperson of The Belarusian Intelligentsia Board. He graduated from  the Foreign Languages Institute in Mińsk, later he studied at the Higher Course for Scriptwriters and Directors of The National Cinema of the Soviet Union’ Goskino’ in Moscow. He is the author of documentaries such as: ‘Crisis in Paradise ‘2010, ‘Ada Gallery’, 2008  and  ‘The Agreement with Hitler ‘1998. He received many awards on the film festivals: for the film: ‘Hope’ for the best short  debut film. For the film ‘Ada Gallery’ he received Prix–Europa 2008, the Human Rights Award on the International Festival of Human Rights, Documentary Days in Kiev, ‘The golden goddess’ award on the festival of Television Programmes and Films ’Golden Tambourine’ Chanty-Mansyjsk, Russia and Grand Prix on the 8th International Festival of Documental Work in La Rochelle, France.