Viktar Korzun - ’A flight' - consultation Andrzej Titkow

The film is based on the documental history of the imitation of the ballooning during the local festivities. It tells about the lightness of dreaming and the hardship of fulfilling it, about the dream of freedom and the fear of the unknown, about the reliability of wisdom and the fragility of dreams, about the different reaction to fraud.

Viktar Korzun – the director of documentaries, the graphic designer for the books and independent publications for example: musical albums of Kasia Kamocka. He graduated from  A. Glebov Artistic Institute (1986). He is the author of design-concepts of ‘Swoboda’(1990, 2004) and ‘Nasza Niwa’  (1990, 1996, Mińsk- Vilnius) newspapers. In 1995  he graduated from the Belarusian Artistic Academy ,  specialty: television director. He is the creator and the co-worker of the Belarusian Association of Social Unions (Mińsk), the radio-station ‘Balitc waves’ (Vilnius),  member of the Free Artists Association VivaFutura (Mińsk-Vilnus). The author of following  films:’ Uładzimir Karatkiewicz. When I die ..’ (Владимир Короткевич. Душа останется 2011), ‘Penance’  (2009), ‘Belarusian Front or Talks about language’ (Беларускі фронт альбо размовы пра мову, 2007), ‘ To believe only in wind. Chernobyl, 20 years after the tragedy’ (Верыць толькі ветру. Чарнобыль. 20 гадоў пасьля, 2007), "Wasil Bykau. The return’ (Василь Быков - Вяртанне 2004).  He received the 3rd place in the short film category, for the film ‘ Little Peter from the Great Forest or Good morning to everyone!’ on the International Film Festival in Monachium  (2005) and the award in the category ‘low-budget films-with a high impact’ for the film ‘ To believe only in wind. Chernobyl, 20 years after the tragedy’ on the International Nature Film Festival ‘The Wildlife Vaasa’  Finland (2008).