Workshops of the Short Documentaries
21.10 – 24.10.2011,  St John’s Order Castle, Łagów

From the programme: ‘ I am glad that for four days I will be able to exchange experience and opinions with the Belarusian colleagues, whose film ideas deserve for  support and realization. For years we have been working to make the picture, using the camera, of our part of Europe where the fight hasn’t finished yet and where not everything is as we wish it to be. I don’t mind that the  picture sometimes seems too complicated for the contemporary world of the media chaos. Until we have the spectators , who want to watch our films, it is worth to trouble’. Krzysztof Kopczyński, Eureka Media

In the workshops  took part 12 authors of the film project from Belarus together with the Polish documentary makers, lecturers, and the representatives of media institutions, non-government organizations, film festivals , and also Belarusian journalists and interpreters.

The presentations of the newly created Belarusian projects were accompanied by the illustrated lectures on ‘the school of the Polish document’:

  • the author  presentation of  Maria Zmarz – Koczanowicz  concerning the negative hero and the topics of the documentaries
  • in the presentation of the short films of Andrzej Titkow with his own commentary
  • elaboration of its phenomenon(the reality described by the allegory)- Mikołaj Jazdon (Adam Mickiewicz University, the director of  The Off Cinema Festival in Poznan) 

  • Beata Dzianowicz, the director of the young generation, was talking about the art of montage.

    During the workshops  there were talks among others on literary correctness in the preparation of project presentation and ‘Why you shouldn’t be scared of the producer?’ - Jan Zamojski; preparation of producer packets, production and financing of  films, and their distribution in the world- Krzysztof Kopczyński. Jarosław Kamieński presented  TV Belsat.
    Dorota Roszkowska presented  Dragon Forumand the Polish Document Academy and the way to win the Oskar’ of  ‘Poste Restante’  short film of  Marceli Łoziński, the producer of which she is.  Martyna Łokuciejewska and  Jakub Popielecki presented the Festival of  Polish Short Films SHORT WAVES (www.shortwaves.pl) and the fragments of films from the catalogue of Future Shorts (www.futureshorts.com) – the biggest world platform of the short film promotion.

    Jerzy Kalina from  TVP Białystok and  Paweł Mażejka from TV Belsat also took part in these workshops.

    Interpretation: Aleh Barcewicz, Sviatłana Kurs, Agnieszka Smólczyńska.

    At the end of the workshops the special award was given.

    The Orientation Board of the Short Documentary Workshops ‘15 minutes: Belarus!’ including: Beata Dzianowicz, Jolanta Kilian, Krzysztof Kopczyński, Andrzej Titkow, Jan Zamojski, Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz  during the meeting on the 23rd October 2011 in Łagów  gave the award for the best project of the short film.

    The award goes to Volha Dashuk for the project  ‘Free Theatre’.

    That project concerns a very important problem and includes the feeling of freedom. We appreciate the meaningful development of the project  during the workshops and also the wonderful presentation of it’.

    Special thanks  for letting us use their photos for:
    Beata Dzianowicz, Mikołaj Jazdon, Aliaksandr Matafonau, Agnieszka Smółczyńska and Dorota Roszkowska.