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‘Blue waltz’ by Iryna Volakh- Yevgeny Parfienovich Starovoitova is the first person in Belarus, which makes coming out and tells about his homosexuality. He is World War II veteran and he lives in the small town. The greatest love of his life, ...


‘Almaz’ by Victor Aśliuk 2013

Festivals & Awards:

- Drama International Short Film Festival, Drama, Greece (August 2013)

-17th International Documentary Film Festival CINEMA OFF in Poznań, Poland - the first prize - "GOLDEN CASTLE". In addition, the first prize was awarded for the Story Factory for Victor Aśliuk for the film ‘Almaz’: ‘for the simplicity and beauty of storytelling image, sound and silence’ (December 2013) - ‘Cinema Vérité’ Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Teheran, Iran (November 2013)

- VIII Festiwal Filmu Filozoficznego w Krakowie, Polska (December 2013)

- MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Gathering - The ON THE ROAD – the best film, Gathering, Hungary (April 2014)

- 12th Festival international Zeichen der Nacht (Signes de Nuit), Berlin - Paris, Germany – France – Main Award (August 2014)

- 7th of the Faito doc festival, Monte Faito, Italia (August 2014)

- 23th dokumentART – European Festival for Documentaries Neubrandenburg, Germany, (October 2014) - Preis des Studentenwerkers Greifswald

- XIII Boguszowickich Dni Młodych, Gliwice, Poland (October 2014)

- II. International Bosphorus Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey (November 2014)

-IX Edition of MiradasDoc, Canary Islands, Spain (November 2014)

-DOC EN COURTS, Lyon, France (December 2014)


Workshops second edition

The Workshops of the Short Documentaries ‘ 15 minutes: Belarus!’
30.11 – 3.12.2012 in Józefów

On 2nd December 2012 in Józefów, took place the first public presentation of the newest production within the project ‘15 minut: Białoruś!’ – ‘Almaz’ Victor Asliuk.



Workshops of the Short Documentaries
21.10 – 24.10.2011, St John’s Order Castle, Łagów

From the programme: ‘ I am glad that for four days I will be able to exchange experience and opinions with the Belarusian colleagues, whose film ideas deserve for support and realization. For years we have been working to make the picture, using the camera, of our part of Europe where the fight hasn’t finished yet and where not everything is as we wish it to be. I don’t mind that the picture sometimes seems too complicated for the contemporary world of the media chaos. Until we have the spectators , who want to watch our films, it is worth to trouble’. Krzysztof Kopczyński, Eureka Media