Alexandr Volodin - 'Spokesman' – consultation Jan Zamojski

It is a ‘red-white’ documentary dedicated to the football fans of the ‘Partizan’ club, who became the peculiar phenomenon of the Eastern Europe. They became famous because they are football fans and simultaneously anarchists. In this film there will be told the history of club and its fans, quite young culture of supporting . It will be told about the relationship between the fans and players, and other fanatic ‘ companies’.

Alexandr Valodzin -  in 2006 he enrolled for the correspondence course of the European University of  Humanities – The Unit of History of Cultural Anthropology of Belarus. Since 2007 he has been working in Rikun-Cinema on the project  of the series ‘Court2’, till 2008 as a worker, and next as a play-backer. Later he started studies in Libya at the Abdel Nasser International University  in Tripoli, where he graduated from the Arabic philology in 2010, and next he studied at the department of  history of Al-Fateh University in Tripoli-specialty Taureg language. He hasn’t finished the studies because of the war in Libya. Right now he is working as the concert organizer in Mińsk and Arabic language translator in the refugee centre  of the UN Office for refugees in Mińsk.