Aliaksandr Matafonau/Bahdan Arlou - ‘A man with a flag ‘ - consultation Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz

Siarhei Kavalenka is an uncompromising, strong-willed young man who sincerely believes in the Belarusian national idea. Someone calls Kavalenka a hero, someone finds him a buffoon, and someone considers him just a crazy. Hero — because he hangs banned white-red-white flag in the most unexpected places while police hunts him, buffoon — because his beliefs are simple and naive, crazy — because he is able to die for what he believes. We try to look at the other side — to look at him as a simple Belarusian, who lives on the outskirts of the regional town, loves his wife and raises children, reads books and goes to work.

Aliaksandr Matafonau -  scriptwriter, director, reader. He graduated from the Belarusian National University of Culture and Art, department: drama, Belarusian College specialty: journalism, directing and television courses in Sankt Petersburg. Since 1999 he has been working for television(since 2004 as a special correspondent). He created six author projects, more than 200 programmes and television films on different topics: ‘Shadows and silhouettes’(Цені і постаці),‘The biography of word’ (Біяграфія слова), ‘The alchemy of word’ (Алхімія слова), ‘We have things ‘ (Маем рэчы…), ‘The open archives’ (Адкрыты архіў)  and the historical- cultural programme, ‘Labirynths’ (Лабірынты. ( TV Station ‘Ład’).  He was the winner of the Belarusian television contest ‘Telewierszynia’ nominated as the best scriptwriter (third place, 2005), the best historic-cultural programme (second place, for the TV programme ‘We have things’, 2006). The participant and winner of the International Forum and the International Television Festivals in Poland  (EKORAJ Ecology Forum, Waga Brothers International Festival of Nature Films), dedicated to nature and ecology. The author and director of the documental film- interview’ Like on a dry…’about the Belarusian poet Ryhor Baradulin (2010) (Як па сухому…” Штрыхі да партрэта Рыгора Барадуліна)

Bahdan Arlou - graduated from the Minsk State Linguistic University in 2004 (Faculty of Spanish language and literature). Worked as a teacher, translator, text editor, and copywriter. First experience as a cameraman was in multimedia magazine CDMAG/34mag (www.34mag.net).The project "A Man with a Flag" is a debut in documentary filmmaking.